Other combat sports rules

1. Date: If the fight does not take place for any reason and is started again within 48 hours after the original start date, then all bets count* for the rescheduled fight. If the fight is NOT started within 48 hours after the original start date, then all bets will be void.
*unless otherwise specified.

Future Fights - The one exception to the 48-hour rule, is fights that have been set up before the exact date is known and will be reclassified under the correct event and date, once an official announcement has been made. These fights will only be voided if either fighter is scheduled to fight another opponent instead. Once a fight has been reclassified, it is then subject to the 48-hour rule as normal.
2. If a rescheduled fight takes place in a country different from the original country, then all bets will be void. If a fight is rescheduled and takes place at a different venue but in the same country, then all bets are valid.
3. The result at the end of the contest is final. This includes any recounts of the judges’ scorecards. For betting purposes, any contest declared a ‘technical draw’ will result in a draw being deemed the winning option. Any subsequent changes made by governing bodies do not count for betting purposes.
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