Office Pools


 *$9,000 is the top possible prize on the Super Bowl only. Top prizes will be different for other games throughout the year

Office Pools add excitement to selected games, giving you the chance to win instant cash prizes if your chosen square hits the winning numbers!



Choose one of the available events and buy a "square" for as little as $1 or as much as $20. (Higher squares, such as $50 or $100, are offered on special events).

You'll receive 2 randomly assigned numbers between 0 and 9, one for the Away team and one for the Home team. If both of your assigned numbers match the last digits of the final score, you win. NOTE: Baseball pools are not based on the games' final scores, but instead on total Runs+Hits+Errors for each team.



  1. Log in to your BookMaker account
  2. Select Contest (on a mobile, open the left-side menu first)
  3. Hit Enter Now
  4. Hit Buy Squares
  5. Expand the drop-down menu to see the available games
  6. Select the game you want
  7. Choose your squares from the board by hitting the Buy button

You can view your purchased squares at any time by opening the Dashboard.

Important: Numbers are randomly generated by the software and the numbers assigned to each player will only be revealed 5 minutes after the game starts.



All prizes won in office pools will be paid out by 12:00 PM Pacific Time the following day. Your patience is appreciated. 

Office pool 'reverse' prizes are always exactly half the amount of the main prizes.

For example: If your numbers are 3 (home team) and 7 (away team) and the final score is 33-27, with the home team winning, you hit the main prize. But, if the score was reversed, with the away team winning 33-27, you win the reverse prize.

On selected games, we will also offer prizes for the 1st half, 2nd half, or quarters.

Larger office pools will be offered on special sporting events such as Super Bowl, College Bowls, March Madness, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. Login to see today's match-ups and prizes.



In baseball, unlike other sports, the winning numbers are not based on the final score alone but are instead based on the combined total of Runs, Hits and Errors. 

For example:

► The Home Team finishes with 5 runs, 7 hits and 0 errors, the total for them is 12.

► The Away Team finishes with 3 runs, 10 hits and 1 error, the total for them is 14.

So the winning numbers would be 2 (home) and 4 (away), since these are the last digits of each total. 







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