Stellar, Ripple and EOS require additional IDs

With three of the cryptocurrencies accepted at Bookmaker - Stellar, Ripple and EOS - there is an extra ID number that has to be used in addition to the addresses.

 Currency Type
 Extra ID Name
 Ripple (XRP)  Destination Tag
 Stellar (XLM)  Memo ID
 EOS (EOS)  Memo

If you deposit using these currencies and you forget to include the extra ID, your deposit will not go through right away, and it could take up to 30 days for the funds to be verified.

Anytime you deposit with these currencies, the Cashier will generate the address and the extra ID for you. You will need to copy both of these and enter them in your exchange wallet to complete the deposit. 

Similarly, if you withdraw with any of these currencies, you will need to get the address and the extra ID from your exchange wallet and take both to the Cashier. 

Feel free to contact our Bitcoin team anytime on Live Chat or email if you need assistance.

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