First home run of the game

This prop lets you bet on what type of home run the first home run of the game will be.

Betting options are:

  • Solo Home Run
  • 2-Run Home Run
  • 3-Run Home Run
  • Grand Slam (4 runs)
  • No Home Run Scored

Please keep in mind when betting on these markets you are betting on the first home run of the game, NOT the total number of home runs that will be hit during the game.

All bets will have action as soon as the first home run is hit, even if the game is suspended after that point.

However, bets will have no action in the case where no home run has been hit, and the game is canceled before it is official*

*To be considered official the game must reach 9 full innings played (8½ innings if the home team is ahead).  

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