Time Frames for Purchasing Bitcoin

Once you’re set up with Bitcoin, sending and receiving Bitcoin is very fast.  However, it does take some time to fund your Bitcoin exchange wallet in order to buy the Bitcoin that you’re going to send to fund your sports betting account.

Buying Bitcoin can be done using various methods. Not all exchange sites offer the same methods, so you’ll want to confirm that they offer the method you want to use before choosing your exchange wallet.

The amount of Bitcoin that you want to buy is also an important factor to consider when picking your exchange wallet – if you’re looking to purchase a lower amount of Bitcoin, then using credit card is a good option. For higher amounts, bank wire is usually the best way to go.

Here’s how long it typically takes to buy Bitcoin, sorted by payment method

Please consider these guidelines for time frames when deciding how to buy your Bitcoin:



Credit Card

Within 15 minutes

Bank Wire / Bank Transfer

1-5 business days

Cash (at Bitcoin ATM or LibertyX location)

Within 1 hour

Others (E-Wallet, PayPal, Gift Cards) *Only on Paxful.com

Time frames vary (based on method and seller)


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