Using a Credit Card to Buy Bitcoin

Once you are set up to use a credit card to buy Bitcoin, it is faster, cheaper, and more convenient to buy Bitcoin using your card and send it to BookMaker than it would be to deposit directly with BookMaker using your credit card.

Major benefits for using Bitcoin over Cards

► Most exchange wallets will charge 1% - 3% for purchases, but BookMaker will reimburse those fees on any deposit of $100 or more. On the other hand, direct VISA deposits in the BookMaker Cashier now carry a 10% (non-refundable) fee on every deposit.

► Deposits with cards are restricted by processor limitations and can be rejected by your bank. A Bitcoin deposit will never be rejected and have no deposit limits set by BookMaker.

► Unlike direct credit card deposits, there are no strange or mysterious-looking descriptors on your bank statement when using Bitcoin.

► Deposits with Bitcoin will always be approved. The blockchain, which handles all approvals, is not restricted by any limits and will not take any longer than the standard 10-30 minutes to complete a transaction.

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