What is a Bitcoin Address?

Every Bitcoin transfer uses a receiving address. This is, in a way, like an email address, determining exactly where the message (or the Bitcoin in this case) is going.

We cannot overstate the importance of getting the address exactly correct!

A Bitcoin address is a complex string of 32 characters and should never be typed out manually. These should always be copied and pasted.

Similar to sending a cash transfer online, when sending Bitcoin, it’s extremely important to make sure it is going to exactly the right place. 

Funds can be lost forever if you mistakenly send Bitcoin to the wrong receiving address. Just like you could send cash to the wrong person by accident, it’s possible to send Bitcoin to the wrong address if you aren’t careful.

Crypto deposit addresses cannot be used more than once; re-using an address could result in the complete loss of funds! Always make sure to get a new address for each deposit you make.

You need BookMaker’s address when depositing with Bitcoin, and we need your address when sending you a Bitcoin payout:

► When depositing Bitcoin to fund your sports account, first you need to obtain a receiving address from the BookMaker Cashier.

► When withdrawing funds, you need to input the address from your exchange wallet into the BookMaker Cashier Bitcoin payout request.

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