MLB regular season winning percentage

NOTE! Prior to the 2021 season, this type of bet was based on the total number of wins. Now, these bets are based on overall winning percentage.

This is a wager on the Over/Under of a team's winning percentage for the regular season.

The team must play a minimum of 50 games for wagers on season winning percentage to have action. Wagers do not include any playoff games - regular season only. Wagers will have action as long as a minimum of 50 games have been played; a team does not need to play all its scheduled regular season games.

For example, if you bet the Atlanta Braves to have a winning percentage of "Over 58.5", this means they must finish the season with a winning percentage greater than .585 for the wager to win.

The winning percentage displayed at the end of the regular season on will be the official source for grading purposes.

All decisions by Management are final.

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