Motor Racing

Motor racing official times

Bets are considered official on the outright winner & head to head matchups only when there is a final result from the governing body of the event.

If a driver withdraws from the race before it begins, bets on that driver will have no action.

If a driver begins the race but then withdraws at any point after the starting gun, bets on that driver will have action.

If a postponed race takes place within 120 hours of the scheduled start time all bets have action. If the race remains postponed for longer than 120 hours, all bets will have no action.

Also, depending on the bet type a certain percentage of drivers must start the race, as follows:

  • Bets to win the race outright: 60% of the starting field must begin the race for action.
  • Bets on the top 3 (podium) finishers: 80% of the starting field must begin the race for action.

Head to Head racing matchups

Both drivers included in the head to head matchup must start for action.

Bets on Formula One (F1), Motor and Auto races are decided based on the podium positions on the day prizes are announced for the particular event, and any change in position after this time is not considered for settling purposes.

If both drivers in a head to head matchup both fail to finish the race, the driver who completes the most laps will be deemed the winner. If both drivers completed the same number of laps, the respective head to head wager is deemed no action and stakes will be returned.




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