Olympics general rules


NOTE: for team sports such as Olympic soccer or basketball, standard rules still apply for each respective sport, as covered in other sections of this Help Center


Unless otherwise stated, wagers on individual athletes as well as team competitions are treated as "All-In" and bets have action regardless of any participants' failure to compete due to injury, disqualification, COVID-19, or other reason. 

For example, if an athlete competing in a track and field event fails to participate (but the event overall still runs) bets on that athlete will stand, and will be considered a loss. Or, if a future bet is made on a team to win the basketball gold medal, and either the entire team, or certain players, are unable to compete, bets still stand. 

All betting payouts are based on podium positions during the official medal ceremony after the event (dead-heat rules apply).

All head to head and group betting options require all competitors to leave the start line for action.

Bets on total country medals in a competition are based on the official medals table result once all medal ceremonies have taken place. For medal totals on individual athletes, results include their team event results.

Winners’ nationalities are determined by the country the winner competes for (not the country where they were born, if these are not the same).


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