Bitcoin addresses


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Addresses for Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) are unique codes used to determine the destination for every crypto transfer. Each address contains a string of randomly generated letters and numbers, usually 32 characters long.

Similar to email, whenever crypto funds are sent from one person to another, the sender must have an address to send the funds to. But unlike email, crypto addresses are only used on the receiver's side. The sender does not send funds from an address. The other big difference is that unlike email, a crypto address is one-time use only; every transaction requires a brand new address.

Crypto deposit addresses cannot be used more than once; re-using an address could result in the complete loss of funds! Always make sure to get a new address for each deposit you make.

When you make a crypto deposit at BookMaker, you'll need to get an address from our Cashier. When you ask us to send a crypto withdrawal to you, you need to provide the address that you got from your exchange wallet.

IMPORTANT! Be sure the address you request matches the type of cryptocurrency you're sending. Check the crypto name and 3-letter code. Addresses cannot be used across multiple currency types. For example, if you are sending Bitcoin (BTC), request a BTC address from the Cashier, and not another currency, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
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