Rollover requirements (no bonus claimed)

All deposits made without claiming a bonus carry a standard one-time rollover. For example, if you deposit $500, you would need to make at least $500 in qualifying bets before withdrawing. 

For calculating your rollover, please consider the following:

  • All wagering action (sports, casino, horses) count towards the rollover.
  • Whether a bet is a win, loss, or push, the amount risked is always the amounts that count towards the rollover (never the win amount).
  • Wagers that are canceled (no bet/no action) will not count towards the rollover.
  • Bets made using promotional Free Plays will not count towards the rollover.
  • Betting both sides of the same game will render those bets ineligible towards completing any rollovers.

A rollover will be considered complete once you meet the required amount in action, or whenever your total account balance drops to $5 or less.

Rollovers are completed in chronological order of when your deposits are made (date & time). All new wagers will be applied to your oldest pending rollover until it is completed.

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