Suspended / postponed football games

For bets to have action, the game must reach official game time by 5:00 AM the next day and at the originally scheduled location.

  • If a game is postponed/suspended AFTER it has been deemed an official game, wagers will be graded based on the official times explained here: Football official game times.
  • When a game is postponed/suspended BEFORE it begins, and it is determined the game will not be played that day, all bets have no action and stakes will be refunded.
  • When a game is in progress and delayed BEFORE it has been deemed official, the game must be resumed and completed by 5:00 AM the next day (in the time zone where the game is played) for bets to have action.

If for any reason the location of the game is changed from the original site, all bets placed prior to the change in venue will be no action.

These rules do not apply during the playoffs. All postseason wagers have action, as long as the game is completed within 30 days.

All wagers placed on markets whose outcomes have already been determined will have action!

Example: when you bet on a 1st quarter line, the bet will have action as soon as the market is official (the quarter ends), even if the game is suspended after that.

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