A parlay is simply a combination bet where you are taking two or more selections and if all your selections win, you win the parlay. Parlays can be made with 2 up to 15 teams. 

These bets allow you to risk a smaller amount for the chance to get back a big-time payout. If any of the selections in your parlay are a push (or otherwise graded no action) the parlay drops down to the next number of selections. 

The maximum payout for any parlay is $250,000.

NOTE: Certain types of combinations cannot be placed together into a parlay. These include:

  • The same team on both the spread and moneyline.
  • The Run Line with the total in the same game (in baseball)
  • The Puck Line with the total in the same game (in hockey)
  • Parlays where the outcome of one selection closely contributes to the outcome of another selection (i.e., "correlated plays")*

*Example - a game with a heavy favorite (-14 pts) and a high total (65 pts). It may not be possible to parlay the side with the over on this type of game. All decisions on parlay restrictions are made by BookMaker management and are final. 

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