Golf dead heat rule

In the event of a tie where 2 or more competitors are offered in one betting option, the dead heat rule applies.

Under the dead heat rule, the payout will be the total bet amount (stake plus win) divided by the number of players tied, minus the stake.

For example, you place a $100 bet on a player at +300 to reach the top 5 places in the tournament, and he finishes 5th, but tied with two other players.

In this case, the dead heat rule will result in the following payout:

  1. ADD Stake + Win amount (100+300) = 400
  2. Take this result and DIVIDE by the number of players tied (3), giving you 400/3 = 133.33
  3. Take this second result and SUBTRACT the stake amount (100) from it, resulting in 133.33 - 100 = 33.33

So the payout for this wager would be $33.33.

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