Suspended / postponed soccer matches

If any soccer match is suspended before completion, bets will have action only if the match is resumed within 48 hours of the original start time.

This applies to matches that are postponed before starting, as well as matches that are paused in-game before the 90 minutes have been played.

In cases of matches that have started and are suspended in-game, the match must be resumed where it left off within 48 hours of the original kickoff time. If the league or governing body makes the decision to restart the game completely from the beginning, bets would have no action.

All matches during an elimination tournament or cup are played to completion regardless of whether or not the event concludes on any given day within the tournament's parameters.

All wagers placed on markets whose outcomes have already been determined will have action!

Example: a 1st half bet, or a 1st goalscorer bet, will have action as soon as the market is official (1st half ends / 1st goal is scored), even if the match is suspended after that.

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