Asian Handicap general explanation

Asian Handicap is a way of betting on soccer where the draw option is removed. So instead of a standard 3-way line (Team A / Team B / Draw) you are only given the option to bet on Team A or Team B.

  • Full Game (Bets count for the 90 minutes of regulation plus injury time ONLY).
  • 1st Half (Bets count for the first 45 minutes of regulation plus injury time ONLY).
  • 1st Extra Time (Bets count for the first 15 minutes of Extra Time ONLY).
  • Full Extra Time (Bets count for the 30 minutes of Extra Time plus injury time ONLY).

Asian Handicap offers standard spreads (e.g., Favorite -1 goal) as well as split spread options (e.g., Favorite - ½ goal, -1 goal). With the second type of bet, you are wagering on two separate bets at once, for example, the favored team to win by ½ and to win by 1. You could win both bets, lose both bets, or split them, but there is no outcome that will result in a tie/push.

More details on the specific betting options for Asian Handicap are explained in the Ways to bet Asian Handicap article.

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