Bitcoin as an investment option


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The value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is subject to fluctuations and can either rise or fall at any moment. Similar to stocks, some people invest in cryptocurrency.

Please be advised BookMaker cannot offer any opinions or advice in this area. We are not financial advisors and any decisions you make relating to crypto investments are done at your own discretion.

Any investment made in Bitcoin/crypto carries with it a certain level of risk. While it is possible for the value to rise and result in a profit, it is also possible for the value to fall.

We can instruct you on the best exchange wallets for buying coins and how to use them to fund your sports account, but beyond this, we cannot give any opinions on investing.

The best way to avoid risk is to buy only the amount of Bitcoin you want to deposit and move the Bitcoin to your BookMaker account right away, leaving no coins sitting in your exchange wallet. Make this a regular habit and you can avoid having your Bitcoin drop in value.

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