Round Robins

A Round Robin consists of parlays arranged into all possible combinations. Any pick that can be parlayed may be placed in a Round Robin. You choose the combination you want the Round Robin broken into, for example, you can select 3 teams and make a Round Robin where you have three 2-team parlays, and one 3-team parlay:

  • 3 x Two team parlays: Teams A+B / Teams A+C / Teams B+C
  • 1 x Three team parlay: Teams A+B+C

The minimum number of teams in a Round Robin is three and open spots are not allowed.

To place a Round Robin, just:

  1. Add three or more teams to the Bet Slip
  2. Select Parlay as the bet type (The system will then display all options for the various combinations)
  3. Enter a risk amount next to all of the parlay options you would like to bet
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